Electric Image Benchmarks
(EIAS 6.5r1 and Higher)

Electric Image Benchmarks thread on the eias3D Forum

Nr. Benchmark test Sample image
1 Sponza
This Global Illumination Benchmark makes use of the EIAS 6.5: project 12 Sponza GI which can be downloaded here: sponza_gi.zip.

Go to Render Settings, set the render to "Current Frame" (Timing Tab) and hit Go. On the Mac you will find the duration of the rendering in the file's 'Get info', on the PC you will have to time it with a (stop)watch.
(The Resolution is set to 800 x 600 pixels)
2 Blikjes
This is a Global Illumination Animation Benchmark, beware this test will take a few hours!. The project can be downloaded here: blikjes_2011.zip.

To get maximum CPU power from your Multi Core machine, you can set up Renderama for for version 8 and below.

Go to Render Settings, and you'll see the render is set to "All Frames" (Timing Tab) and the Network rendering is enabled (Network Tab), disable this if you don't want to use renderama. Hit Go, write down the time you started the rendering, and take a break ;-)
When the Rendering is finished, check the Creation time of the rendered file, this is time the rendering was done and got stitched by renderama. Now you can calculate the rendertime.
2 Boxed
Beware this is a nasty test.

This project can be downloaded here: boxed.zip.

For version 8 and below you can use Renderama, and render using strips.